NFL Pigskin Pickers Podcast: The Hail Diggs Edition

Steve, Umatilla County’s biggest Minnesota Vikings fan, is walking on Cloud 9 after last week’s incredible finish put his team into the NFC Championship. We’re thinking his fandom his caused problems for his gambling IQ however, as the pickers went 0-3-1 last week. This week, they go with two more favorites: Minnesota (-3) and New England (-7.5).

Pigskin Pickers Week 16: Attack of the Corn Dogs (with video)

Tim Trainor has to pay off his bet after his Bengals lost to Steve’s Vikings last week. So through the course of this podcast, he ate three footlong corn dogs and one deep-friend German sausage.

The pickers went undefeated last week, but they missed out on their 5-0 goal after they went 3-0-2 with two pushes. That puts their season record at 40-28-6.

This Christmas week they take Detroit (-5), L.A. Rams (-6.5), Cleveland! (+6.5), San Francisco (+4.5) and Dallas (-5).

Merry Christmas!

Pigskin Pickers Week 13: The hot streak continues

Fresh off back-to-back 4-1 weeks, and Steve correctly nabbing the Thanksgiving Day Parlay, the pickers are hot. They hope to keep their roll continuing while talking about the NFL news of the week, including the benching of Eli Manning and the Broncos-Raiders brawl.

Their picks this week: New England (-8.5), N.Y. Jets (+3.5), New Orleans (-4), Oakland (-7) and Philadelphia (-5.5)

As always, thanks for listening!

Season record: 32-24-3

NFL Pigksin Podcast: Week 11

Tim and Steve continue to make gamblers money. The duo has come out ahead in 8 of 10 weeks this year, and has an overall record of 25-22-3 — much better than the consensus picks of the professionals.

This week, the duo tries to continue their winning ways by picking Minnesota (-2.5), Washington (+7.5), Los Angeles Chargers (-4), Denver (-2.5) and New England (-7).

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