NFL Pigskin Pickers: Week 12 Thanksgiving

The boys are coming off their best week of the year, 4-1 with four blowout wins and one stinker — they picked the underdog Bengals who won outright. But there was some joy out of that pick too! Bronco fan George Plaven had to spend his Monday eating Slim Jims until he made himself sick.

This Thanksgiving week, the pickers went with Dallas (+1), Philadelphia (-13.5), Atlanta (-9.5), Seattle (-6.5) and Oakland (-5). Thanks as always for listening, and have a wonderful holiday.

NFL Pigksin Podcast: Week 11

Tim and Steve continue to make gamblers money. The duo has come out ahead in 8 of 10 weeks this year, and has an overall record of 25-22-3 — much better than the consensus picks of the professionals.

This week, the duo tries to continue their winning ways by picking Minnesota (-2.5), Washington (+7.5), Los Angeles Chargers (-4), Denver (-2.5) and New England (-7).

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(Modified) NFL Pigksin Pickers Week 4

Due to an equipment failure, our weekly NFL podcast cut out on us about 25 minutes in. But it’s not like there was anything to talk about in the NFL this week right? Sorry about the error, but we have a discussion with Tim Trainor, Steve Hill and East Oregonian sports reporter Eric Singer in here, as well as our picks for next week: Carolina (+9), Atlanta (-8), San Francisco (+7), Denver (-2.5) and Indianapolis (+13).

We’ll be back, in our entirety, next week. Thanks as always for listening.