Pigskin Pickers: Wild Card edition

Tim and Steve have been gone, out in the wilds of a brutal Eastern Oregon winter. But they reunite by the podcast fire to talk over the 2016 NFL season, the fate of their two snake-bitten teams and how the Playoffs will turn out.

Oh, and they pick some games:

Houston, Detroit, Pittsburgh and New York Giants.

NFL Pigskin Pickers: Live from Las Vegas Edition

Tim and Steve finally broke through last week, going 5-0 against the spread. It came at the perfect time, too, as Steve departed for a trip to Las Vegas to try to keep the mojo working. To do so, both pickers are going against their favorite teams this week. The guys select: Dallas (-3.5), Denver (-4), Philadelphia (+1), New Orleans (-6), and Washington (+2.5). Thanks for listening!

Pigskin Pickers: Thanksgiving Edition

Tim Trainor and Steve Hill have a winning week under their belt, but play to loosen their belt this week with a full slate of Thanksgiving Day games. They had a hard time narrowing their picks, but eventually went with five favorites: Pittsburgh (-8), Baltimore (-4.5), Atlanta (-4), New Orleans (-7) and NY Giants (-7). Thanks everyone for listening and we wish you Happy Thanksgiving!

NFL Pigskin Pickers: Earthly Skin Edition

Steve and Tim went 4-1 last week after summoning new characters — Daniel and Eric — to pick the games. It worked, and the boys are back as themselves, hoping to move forward with some new mojo. The picks this week: Minnesota (-6), Dallas (-7), New Orleans (-4.5), Carolina (-3), and Tennessee (+5).